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About Me

My Story

My name is Cory Michael Dmetro Andrichuk. I was born on February 11, 1972 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Ukrainian parents.   I grew up in the travel industry. You will often hear me say that I have over 40 years of business experience. Read more…

My Philosophy

I believe business success is no longer just determined by a revenue driven bottom line. It’s about having a better understanding of who you are and then developing a plan to share ‘you’ with others on a persuasive and innovative platform.  Read more…

My Services

I work with entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations by offering 1 to 1 Personal Coaching, Keynote Speaking and Worshop Facilitation.  My main field of focus is the travel industry, however, I also work in other fields such as banking and accounting. Read more…

My Work

Fusion LearningView

Fusion Learning Inc.

Facilitating, Post layout, Services
I am contracted by Fusion Learning as a Sales and Customer Service…

TravelOnly Canada

Services, Speaking
The executive team and ownership group of TravelOnly requested a fast-paced, upbeat,…

Expedia CSC

Coaching, Facilitating, Post layout, Services
I have developed a fantastic ongoing coaching and facilitation relationship with over…
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Facilitating, Post layout, Services, Speaking
I delivered an action packed one-day intensive business building workshop for 75…
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TravelSavers Canada

Facilitating, Post layout, Services, Speaking
I helped deliver an action packed two day intensive business building bootcamp…
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Thomas Cook

Facilitating, Post layout, Services, Speaking
My delivery consisted of two parts: a full-day powerful national sales training…
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Encore Cruises

Facilitating, Post layout, Services, Speaking
My delivery consisted of three major moving parts onboard the Celebrity Cruise…
UNIGLOBE WCanada resize 2View

Uniglobe W. Canada

Facilitating, Post layout, Services
Working closely with the UNIGLOBE Head Office team prior to the event,…

Travel Planners Int.

Facilitating, Post layout, Services, Speaking
I presented the keynote speach and delivered five motivational and highly inspiring…
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Facilitating, Post layout, Services
After collaborating closely with team SABRE for three months prior to the…
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Post layout, Services, Speaking
CITC approached me to present a speech at their AGM about practical…
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Thomas Cook

Facilitating, Post layout, Services, Speaking
My delivery, alongside another industry professional, included two parts: a three-part powerful…

Work With Me

  • 1 to 1 Personal Coaching

    I am a professional business coach.

    I own my own business. I walk the walk and talk the talk. I’ve been on the front lines, dug in the trenches, gotten my hands dirty. I understand you.  I’m not giving you just another sales and marketing song and dance …I’m doing for my own career exactly what I will be urging you to do for yours.

    When you coach with me we will discuss you and your business, your successes and challenges, your plans and dreams, and your strategies and goals. I have developed a method for helping you:

    • define and design your vision and goals,
    • reframe your mindset to think with an entrepreneurial-edge,
    • brand and sell yourself better, and
    • enjoy your life, team, network, and clients.

    Purchase 1 to 1 Personal Coaching with me today and get started on building your business for tomorrow! Choose the coaching that works best for you and your budget from one of my plans (the more sessions you purchase the more money you save and the less time it will take to grow your business)! Learn more…

  • Keynote Speaking

    I am a master communicator.

    I love to share my stories with audiences about my real life experiences.  Having spent over 20 years speaking to audiences, I have developed a skill at communicating that is very evident.  Becoming a good speaker is important.  Becoming a great communicator is the key to impact audiences. A great communicator must be a great storyteller.

    My keynotes include MY BESST Approach strategies and are delivered with humor, enthusiasm, intelligence and plain down-to-earth straight talk all woven together with great stories.  My stories paint the canvas for the audience in ways that allow them to see the movie of what is being discussed.  Theory is important. Seeing and feeling what is being delivered is essential to create a lasting impression.  Hire me to inspire you!  Learn more…

  • Facilitating Workshops

    I have 20 years of experience.

    I am an experienced sales coach and facilitator with close to 20 years of international sales experience in business development, territory management, and customer service leadership.

    I like to make the complex simple and help people see how small changes can sometimes generate big results. I enjoy engaging and interacting with groups of corporate teams and independent entrepreneurs that are eager to learn effective business strategies.

    Not only do I bring a high level of professionalism and leadership to my workshops, I also create an energetic and positive learning environment for all my participants!  Fun is #1!

    Choose one or more of my workshops or design your own series for your team!  Learn more…

What My Client’s Say

Cory’s workshop gave me the motivation I needed to get moving. I was on the fence as to whether to move on to another profession so am glad he “saved me”. I also plan to attend his next workshop so that I can be reminded of what still needs to be done! Thank you, again, Cory!

Win Oakley, CTC, MCC, Travel Consultant, Travlxpert

After searching for quite awhile for someone to help me with an overall marketing plan and consultation time, I hired Cory. My business is somewhat unique in that I am based in Canada but serve US clients and my business is mostly internet generated. That required a consultant who was very knowledgeable in travel both in Canada and the USA as well as someone who has extensive knowledge of the internet and I found that in Cory.

Cory is helping me develop a marketing plan, giving me invaluable advice with my website as well as social media – which I really need! His feedback and expertise is invaluable, his enthusiasm is hard to beat and I expect him to be a part of my business in one way or the other for a very long time!

Sharon Moorman Sunseekers Vacations

Cory is many things and during our professional relations he has shown me that he is a leader, a coach, a trainer, an individual that you can count on whenever you needed him. Cory’s positivism is evident in all that he does. He is highly motivated, as well as motivational. He has always been there for TPI when we needed him the most. If I must label him in one word; it is professional.

Smart leaders of organizations surround themselves with extraordinary talented professionals. If you are considering hiring Cory to work with you and or your team, consider no more. Before long you will discover that this talented individual will become one of your organizations greatest assets.

Tony Gagliano Jr., Vice President, Travel Planners International

Cory is an inveterate professional. From the first day he walked in my office, he never failed to amaze me:
1. He is innovative, energetic, and creative. His sharp mind constantly rethinks and reassesses.
2 He is a top performing marketer and motivator.
3. He is a born entrepreneur.
His success is enhanced by his honesty and integrity. He takes action and he follows through. He’ll get you moving in the right direction – be prepared to be inspired and motivated.

Christine Pollock, Managing Director, Elemental Roots

Cory Andrichuk has been with Fusion for a year and has shown tremendous growth and development in such a short amount of time.  I sum-up Cory’s facilitation style as a professional with Energy, Passion, and Compassion for his clients. His facilitation work with our valued clients has been world-class and he is committed to delivering excellence every time.  Cory’s evaluations from his work consistently scores him in the top of our talent pool and we look forward to many great years ahead.

Janet Logan, Vice President, Client Solutions Fusion Learning Inc.

Cory has been my mentor and coach for the past 9 months. I would recommend Cory to anyone, he has helped me break through barriers and become clear on my goals and dreams for my business both short term and long term. Cory is trustworthy, consistent and reliable and has been supportive every step of the way in helping me achieve great results.

Catherine Anderson, Franchise Partner Expedia CruiseShipCenters Langley

I want to thank you for working with me in a one on one coaching environment. I have just completed the three coaching lessons you offered and have to say I am really looking forward to continuing with you. Your coaching style is really laid back but subtly forceful. You have really helped me in a very short time to focus on where I want my travel business to be in the next 3 to 5 years and how to start with the little steps to get there.

Cory, I can tell you really care about those you coach. You really get into who we are, not just on a business basis, but like a friend who seriously wants me to succeed. Our coaching sessions have been really fruitful making me see what I need to do to keep my travel company moving forward and to attain the goals I said I wanted for myself. While I am not excited about stepping out of my comfort zone, I see through your input, that for myself and my company to grow, I need to do that. You have already gotten me to make phone calls to leads where my comfort zone was always using email. This has lead to more conversions that I probably would not have gotten without that personal contact of a voice over the phone. This has lead to a sale just the other day of my specialty, Africa, to the tune of $30,000. Thank you Cory!

No matter what your niche, I highly recommend you use Cory as your coach. He has the ability to make you want to follow his lead because you already know inside it is the right thing to do. You just need to have some one on the outside verify your ideas. He is also great at putting new ideas and suggestions on the table. Because of his travel background he really knows how to improve your business. I highly recommend you use a coach/mentor to help you focus on the core of your business and what you need to do to either improve it or maintain the growth you already have. Cory has already shown me that he can do that for me. I am sure you will find he can do that for you too.

Jon Haraty Jon's Dive & Travel

Look No Further!  If you have wanted to take action on your business with a positive, easily understood and forward thinking message….look no further than Cory Andrichuk!

We’ve been working closely with Cory since the beginning of the year and although I love to keep those hidden gems in our program to ourselves – I just can’t help but share my comments on what an impact Cory’s workshops have been. They are concise, thought provoking and right on the money with their message. I am so glad to be working with Cory and his team.

His fresh and eager to help manner really comes out in the final product which is well received at all levels of experience. Our affiliate owners / managers are really engaged and getting value from Cory’s workshops and that’s what is key to me!

Doreen Lynch

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